About Couples Travel

At CouplesTravel, we believe that adventure is the best way to deepen your relationship with your significant other. We also know that planning a trip, even a simple one, can be overwhelming. 

Our goal is to make travel research easier. We take pride in pointing you toward top-quality resorts and hotels across the globe and in the United States – and giving guidance on what to expect and what to do when you arrive. 

Whether you’re soon-to-be newlyweds planning your honeymoon or empty nesters seeking excitement in the next phase of your lives, we’re here for you. Let us introduce you to the most spectacular places in the world, and be your first step to thousands more.

Our Principles


Our goal is to serve our readership, not sponsors. Our advice is based on expert opinion rather than who will pay us the most.


There are many platforms out there focused on different types of travel. We wanted to zero in on couples, because that’s what we understand best.


Every article or resource we put out was either written by a travel expert or sourced from local guides.

Our Writers

Katelyn Kemmerle

Travel is one of my biggest passions. I love to explore new cities, experience unique adventures, and learn more about the enriching culture everywhere I visit.

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Matt Schickling

I believe travel is therapy and exploring this beautiful world is one of the greatest opportunities we have in life.

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